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It is true I was not a natural gardener….

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I was, however, Mother of All. 

Alongside Adam,  we did have all we ever needed in Our Garden.

There was hunting and gathering - then seeding, planting, growing and harvesting the abundance 

of the land.

We knew the garden as Blessed Home- to care for and rejoice in its beauty.  It was heaven on earth.

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But…..things changed.

Snake, in her wisdom, knew I could stay protected forever in Paradise- or else become fully human. 

So She offered me the fruit - to make my own choices, learn from my mistakes, grow from my experiences. Snake said I would see with my own eyes, grow in love and compassion and arrive at an inner wisdom to

know my own divinity. 

So I ate the fruit of the Tree of Life.


'Wearing nothing but snakeskin

boots, I blazed a footpath, the first

radical road out of that old kingdom

toward a new unknown.

When I came to those great flaming gates

of burning gold,

I stood alone in terror at the threshold

between Paradise and Earth.

There I heard a mysterious echo:

my own voice

singing to me from across the forbidden


I shook awake—

at once alive in a blaze of green fire.

Let it be known: I did not fall from grace.

I leapt to freedom.''   

Ansel Elkins

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We left the Garden and yes, becoming human did involve pain and heartbreak. It was a long, hard journey.

At first it was very scary- I felt like an outcast not knowing where I belonged.

Adam journeyed with me. Eventually we stopped childishly rowing over whose fault it was… blame and guilt….who was right or wrong?

I admit that, in the shadows, we had wanted to kill each other.

We fell on the stones, grazed our knees, clambered over the rocks of an unknown and difficult path. 

In the darkest hours – we sobbed with exhaustion, heartbreak and grief, wondering what had we done? and when  would it all end?. 

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But eventually, a maturity gently grew, an inner light began to shine and an inner ‘knowing’ was discovered. We simply needed to be companions- helping each other out with love and kindness.

We bathed in the white swan pool of baptism and healed our wounds. In those waters, we deepened in love for ourselves and each other. Others were swimming there- brown, black, yellow and white people.

No one was a stranger because we all came from the same Garden.

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Then we discovered an Inner Temple…we were in awe at its Golden Beauty.

A wedding chalice of sweet juice awaited us in the Marriage Temple of Love- we were no longer divided.

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We had became whole - masculine and feminine , light and dark, white and red , heaven and earth -.All were One. 

We had found our way back ...

...into the Garden.  A sword of fire had guarded it well. The fire had been in our own hearts all along.

Now we had eyes to see that we were returned. 

Home at last-Paradise!

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"And her world transformed into a garden, a paradise made of blossoming flowers and bewitching romance. The walls were formed of moonlight. The ceiling was made of roses that dripped down toward the table in the centre of the room, covered with plates of cakes and candlelight and sparkling honey wine." ― 

Stephanie Garber

. For you more practical souls ….you will be glad to know that husband Adam now happily enriches the soil with compost to grow his roses, potting his seeds of flowers, salads, vegetables in his poly tunnel (which I call the Giant Snakeskin!)

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