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An ongoing series of anecdotes...

Scallop Shells 

Summer 2019

There were eight white scallop shells carefully laid out around the chalice/bird bath which is circled by alternate dark and light pebbles. Eight shells for eight changes of season in the Celtic wheel. Four directions- North, South, East and West- marked with black pots filled with red and white begonias.

 I called this place the ‘Circle of Wholeness’ where there is an integration of opposites; light and dark, masculine and feminine, heaven and earth etc. Where All is One.

I painted a small stone with the words ‘Cease All Againstness’ and placed it in the centre of the circle next to a small statue of two white doves of peace.

But…most mysteriously, the scallop shells started to disappear- one gone most mornings! Who would enter my very private garden in a rural wooded hillside to regularly steal a scallop shell ?

My husband Jono thought I was imagining it. But no. 

There were eight- now seven- oh no, now six- how can it be? now five – this is ridiculous! now four,,, and so on – until only one remained. One left out of eight!

Then tell tale clues.

1 A puzzled friend found a scallop shell lying in the middle of a neighbouring field

2 She had seen black crows making a large nest in an oak tree in that same field

3 There was nearly always a long black feather lying near where the scallop shell had been in my garden.

4 The two white doves of peace statue had their eyes gauged out!

Mmmmmm…the truth became apparent …

Crows with incredibly strong, large beaks were making a scalloped home with my shells and were attacking the white birds to claim their territory for scavenging.

I decided it was a fair exchange and a mark of opposites sort of uniting?? So I inserted the black feathers as trophies in the dark cauldron plant pots and apologised to the doves whilst repainting their eyes.

White for black - beauty for practicality, strength for lightness.

And… er…peace with violence!

How very fitting in the Centre of Wholeness. 

What God Says

May 2020

We were both researching ‘Paradise’ – myself and my long distant friend and once teacher- Martin Rutte of ‘Project Heaven On Earth.’   He sent me this question by email from his home in Canada to mine in West Wales.  ‘’So you have arrived in the Garden….what does God say?’’

This was my immediate reply.


Be still 

You are Home

All is well

It ends and begins in Love 

Rest a while.

Look around with new eyes 

See what you find-

Such exquisite Beauty 

beyond compare 

With the Brightest Diamond that has ever shone

With the Greatest Gift that has ever been given

You arrive ....

With the silver piercing spear of the knight

As he takes up his visor

Removes his dented helmet

Alights his huge white horse. 

No more battles

No more quests

No more challenges.. 

He lays down on the sweet damp grass 

With His Lady 

Caresses  Her Hair 

Places a Poppy across her heart 

and makes Love.

That is All for now''

That is what God says to me 

As I arrive In the Garden


Thankyou for asking ...xx

The Underworld

Early June 2020


Jono and Matthew are today helping me make the death/birth canal to and from the Underworld (by recycling the long length of black netting from the now unused and broken family trampoline!)

It leads to the darkest most painful and most transformative place of the Underworld/Dark Goddess womb/tomb in my Garden's mythological journey, ending beneath the elder tree down the hillside. Here is the place of crucifixion and resurrection…where grief and loss become labour pains of new birth and life.

Then I read these words 'Not seeking for Paradise....Seeking how to create Paradise- even if we meet in create Paradise there' 

Thankyou Osho . 

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Pandemic Lockdown To Unlock Paradise

Pamela's Pe rsonal Ceremony   Opening Eve's Garden 

June 21st 2020 - Fathers Day

I held the sword of fire proudly, fiercely, strong. 

For aeons I guarded well.

(Though arms sometimes tired!)  

Protection at the entrance to the sacred place- 

Beauty, Grace, Peace,the Holiest of Holy.

The Sacred Garden 

Until the people were ready...

Crucified, transformed and resurrected so many times, 

So many lifetimes

Until eyes may see and ears may hear 

And heart is clear and open to receive


They are ready now

You are ready now.

I am ready now.

Slowly, surely, proudly,

Sword is raised high 

Above my head 

Arms renewed and lifted by wings of a steely angel.

The pathway is clear.

Silver blue light pours through 

The entrance is open

The people will come.


Blade of fire reaches the Highest point.

Glittering pointed tip to Heaven

Curved handle to Belly of the Earth 


No longer protecting -

Blade glitters in  sunlight 

Fire pours through me

I Am the Sword of Flame.  

Red and Golden beacon

To call   

They who seek the Return...

Where shadow lives alongside light

Where wound has been healed

Where fear and hatred of self or other became 


Understanding became 


Co-operation became 


Where Eve and Adam's marriage now brings 

Adoration and devotion, 

A Love where All Is One and All is Uniquely Different.


In life, in death. 

In service to the world 



Lammas Opening of  Eve's Garden

August 2020

Hello dear friends and neighbours

It is Lammas on Saturday - when we honour all that has come into fruition!  

Most of us have not seen each other during so called 'lockdown' -(which I preferred to call 'cocoon' time) so I'm putting out a gentle call for us to flutter out with our new wings. 

We have enough outdoor space here for us all to stay 'socially distanced'. 

I have been busy the past few months (along with Jono and Matthew) creating' Eves Garden' outside my kitchen window. 

The Garden will be a place for people to 'journey home to Paradise' this autumn and over coming years . I will have a lovely website and will link in with the adjoining Trust to invite those who need restoration /renewal/retreat in these challenging times. 

I believe we are all called for transforming our ways of being- and this is my contribution.

There will be a short ceremony for the opening of Eves Garden on Saturday August 1st and you are most welcome if you would like to be there .

Arrive 3 00  drinks and nibbles on decking- 

4.00   Opening of Garden -  

Adam to raise the  'sword of fire' to re open humanity's path to return to the Garden!! 

Invoking the presence of Eve 'Mother of All' and her blessings- 

Around the Circle of Wholeness - we harvest what seeds have grown and come to fruition this year.  

(Bring a Garden poem/song/prayer  if you'd like to.) 

Weave a collective/communal golden thread .

4..30 Exploring the Garden .

If you would like to come please let me know. (If you are driving a car we will organise where you should park.)

Alternately -If you would prefer to visit on your own -for at least a couple of hours-  to individually and quietly experience the inner and outer journey of the garden- then let me know some dates and times in August and September that would suit you and I will book you in!  

If you don't fancy or aren't available for any of the above- then Happy Lammas on Saturday anyway...

Much love

Pamela x 


Louis' community raising of the Sword of Fire 

Lammas August 1st 2020

'If I am not for myself , who will be for me?

If not this way, How?

If not now. when?' 

 by Primo Levi  who was an Italian Jewish chemist, partisan, Holocaust survivor and writer.  


August  16th 2020

Husband Jono showed me that it is important to 'deadhead' the flowers as they are fading away-by squeezing the stem and removing the dead flower. ''Otherwise the plant is sending energy into something which is dead instead of into making new buds'' said my caring gardener.   

Mmmmm....such wisdom... 

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