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If you feel the call…you are welcome.

You could come in solitude, or with a friend or partner or a small group of other pilgrims-.

You might be anywhere on your own life journey-

Lost and needing guidance ?

Exhausted and needing renewal?

Seeking a new way forward ?

Benefit from the structure of a guided journey?

Needing space to appreciate the beauty of life ?

And perhaps ….

A need to relax in beautiful countryside...

Calm stressed and jagged nerves...

Clear out old wounds...

Soften and attend to fears and beliefs which no longer serve...

In transition of divorce, job endings, children leaving home...

Need to grieve, let go and move on...

You are invited to enter eternal myths which guide and transform us.

Seek a new story for humanity - 

from separation to connection, from exile to return, from conflict to peace, 

from environmental destruction to honouring Nature’s Garden.

All are welcome .

For we are  golden seeds in a world longing for change.

Eve’s Garden is lovingly tended for your return. 

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