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On arrival you will find a place of shelter, silence and stillness.

Leave the outside world behind, 

have a cool and refreshing drink, collect your pilgrim's shell and Garden Guide book, and prepare for your journey.

A bell will ring….you may hear Eve calling with a soft whisper through the willow arches

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Enter where the Big Black Egg gives birth- followed by the black cauldron’s invitation to transform. Your story has begun ...

In the beginning ...angels guard with magic swords of fire sparkle lighting up with dawn birdsong... 

When you see the Tree of Life bedecked in red and white ribbons- you are truly in Eve's Garden. 

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A snake offers the fruit. 

Decline and stay in the sanctuary of the Garden?

Accept, bite into a rosy apple and go on your own 

(as yet unknown) journey?

It is your choice. It is always your choice. 

Meanwhile - Lilith flies free


...a wounded child feels like an outcast. 

This journey is now an imperative.  

Child needs to be brought back home . 

You must face the hazardous journey to the Underworld. 

Seven gateways demand you move through the wounds and fears.  

It is a dangerous descent-  the death birth canal to the darkest tomb /womb.

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‘'For a seed to achieve its greatest expression, it must come completely undone. 

The shell cracks, its insides come out and everything changes. To someone who doesn’t understand growth, it would look like complete destruction’’   Anonymous quote

You may stay here for three minutes, three hours, three days and three nights. You might hang on a hook, on a cross, eat pomegranate or bread, drink wine or water of life - depending on which story you are in.

For this is a Mythic Garden. The oldest and wisest stories tell us it is always this way. We must die before we are re-born...over and over again.

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If you are blessed to return  from the Underworld then you are indeed re-born!  

After the ascent to reclaim all you truly are - your eyes may be opening to a new light.

Eve's Garden is a marvellous place that grows flowers, vegetables and people from the darkness of the Earth. 

Arriving at the deep blue ancestral altar – an opportunity to offer a prayer to all that have gone before. 

Completions and truth telling if need be. Prayers and gratitude if need be.

The ancestors know what is needed.  

So will you.

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You are not finished yet. There is the fire-pit to cleanse an apple core in the ashes. A white swan pool for renewal, a pause for writing and reflection before the homeward journey to an inner temple of beauty, marriage, and wholeness.

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You may sit in the shade to gather your breath before...

... a wall of sunshine, moonlight and starshine- guarded by the golden dragonfly, green furled leaves, rose thorns, mossy banks and daisies. A well worn but still secret path to the place where Eve’s Garden was once honoured and is so again.

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A swing bench with gently cushioned child-like joy. 

Eve and Adam welcome you with open arms., Mother and Father to Divine Child. The Holy Trinity. 


You may, at last, gaze upon the golden roses of Paradise. 

Perhaps reflect on your part in protecting and caring for Our Global Garden

Looking in your eyes Kind of heaven eyes

Closing both my eyes Waiting for surprise

To see the heaven In your eyes is not so far

'Cause I'm not afraid To try and go it

To know the love And the beauty

Never known before I'll leave it up to you to show it

And golden lady, golden lady I'd like to go there

Golden lady, golden lady I'd like to go there

Take me right away’’

Stevie Wonder 

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Your journey is complete. For now. 

It may end in peace and laughter, sadness and tears...

Always with the fragrance of roses. 

In this sacred garden- all is accepted and All is Well.  

Eve will be forever calling you Home with a soft whisper through the willow arches. 

You are welcome to return ...many times.

'Pamela has created a beautiful offering for body, heart and soul: a mythic journey that honours the Sacred Feminine within each of us and also within the Earth. A uniquely transformative experience not to be missed!''  Mara Freeman

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